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Native Women

Already a pioneer in the area of direct assistance services to women, in 2003, the Women’s Centre of Montréal, in partnership with Québec Native Women, began to offer first line services to native women living in the urban environment. These listening, information and accompaniment services are based on a respect for the values and the rhythm of native women.

The goal of this program is to facilitate access to health and social services for native women who choose to live in Montreal. Creating relationships and building links between native and non-native women is also a primary objective of the program. 

The program promotes the well-being of native women living in urban centres by informing, supporting, and offering accompaniment services to women living in the city. Our services aim to facilitate integration, make resources accessible, strengthen the participant’s sense of independence as well as help break her sense of social isolation. Creating and building relationships between native and non-native women is also a primary objective of the program.

The program has multiple objectives:

  • To facilitate the integration of native and Inuit women in the urban environment by:

-Offering the women front line services: welcoming, counselling and information support, food and clothing       assistance, legal information, etc.

-Offering accompaniment services to the DPJ, court, lawyers’ offices, the hospital, etc.

-Encouraging autonomy and decision making

-Helping to break their sense of social isolation with various recreational and community activities.

-Offering awareness and prevention workshops

-Ensuring follow-up

  • Developing and reinforcing collaborative relationships with various organizations working with a native clientele.
  • Informing and sensitizing non-native persons to the realities facing native women.

The offered services are varied:

  • Reference and information services
  • Welcome and listening services
  • Accompaniment services to court, medical appointments, and appointments relating to child protective services, etc
  • Exchange activities
  • Collective kitchen
  • Courses and workshops
  • Food and clothing assistance
  • Follow-up
  • Legal information
  • Etc. 

With the financial support of Centraide du Grand Montréal