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Women interested in non-traditional trades and professions

Unique Program on the Island of Montreal

Specialized in the integration of women into sectors where the female workforce accounts for less than 33% of the total.

Facilitating integration into the workforce and access to training programs for women seeking a career in traditionally male fields.

Dedicate yourself to a trade or profession in a promising sector, such as:

  • Information technology
  • Construction and public works
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Metallurgy
  • Electromechanics
  • Chemistry and biology
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance mechanics
  • Administration, commerce and information technology
  • Environment and land-use planning
  • Wood and related materials
  • Engine maintenance

Programs facilitating a successful integration into predominantly male sectors.

"Action-Reaction" Program: Job-Search Assistance (offered in French)

  • Identify your employment target
  • Build adapted and personalized promotional tools
  • Develop methods for a convincing and proactive job search
  • Complete a business internship
  • Broaden your network of contacts by conducting informational meetings with selected professionals
  • Benefit from group coaching and personal support

"Virage" Program: Exploring Non-Traditional Trades and Professions (offered in French)

  • Complete a skills assessment
  • Identify your career objective based on your profile
  • Explore various work environments with professional women in specialized fields
  • Conduct school visits
  • Speak with female workers who truly enjoy their work
  • Take psychometric tests
  • Transfer your skills to a field that interests you
  • Benefit from personal support

Additional Services:

  • Pairing with women in non-traditional trades
  • Awareness seminars in schools
  • Referral of specialized women to employers with job openings
  • Training projects

To register, or for more information, contact us:

Phone: (514) 842-6652
Fax: (514) 284-2243