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Women newly arrived

"Immigration and Work Go Hand in Hand"

Focused on the professional integration of immigrant women

Successfully integrating recently arrived women
into the workforce

  • Emphasizing factors that foster employment integration
  • Recognizing the balance between qualifications and the job
  • Updating essential employment knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Learning to cope with a new reality and assimilating other work rules
  • Finding common reference points between the home country and host society
  • Learning the rules, mechanisms and workings of the job market
  • Understanding Quebec’s cultural code and work culture
  • Adapting to the realities and values of the Quebec job market

Job Search Assistance Program

7 week group workshop (offered in French)

  • Review of my work situation
  • Information on opportunities to practice my profession
  • Information on the Quebec job market
  • Identification of professional and personal skills
  • Definition of an employment project
  • Develop and follow a realistic action plan
  • Job-search techniques unique to the Quebec market
  • Writing a professional cover letter and resume
  • Preparation for the selection interview
  • Managing homesickness and integration barriers
  • Understanding the culture and practices of the labour market
  • Techniques to keeping your job

Also available : 4 week group workshops (offered in French)

  • Job search tools
  • Mock interviews
  • Knowledge of the labour market
  • Job search
  • Individual follow-up meetings

Individual Counselling: provided in French and English according to needs

  • Personalized support

To register, or for more information, contact us:

Phone: (514) 842-6652
Fax: (514) 284-2243